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The Great Arcanum - The Secret of Secrets



48 red terrorists killed: How the forces unsparingly took them down one by one
The Gadchiroli encounter in which 40 naxalites were killed was a huge morale boost for the security forces. It was probably one of the most successful operations carried out by the forces against the red terrorists in recent times.


foto van Jan van den Hoff.
Het begin van de zomer

Twee witte geliefden
draaiend en wentelend
wiegend in hun weg
naar de zon,

Een zwarte schicht
doorklieft de lucht.
De twee vlinders
worden opgezogen.
De omstanders reageren
de zwaluwen zijn terug!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vlinders



Today the Dutch celebrate “Koningsdag” an anarchistic festival the birthday of our King.

What happens, apart from the festivals and ceremonies, is the transformation of the cities in colossal markets, where, intoxicated people, dressed in orange, hunt for bargains. Holland is a Freemarket. No taxes have to been pid.

The Freemarket was meant for chcildren, selling second-hand clothes and toys, but soon other entrepeneurs entered the market, with textiles, straight from the factory, cheap East-European tools, electronic gadgets and plants. “Fake designer-goods” are on the cheap, so are Rolex-watches.

The Dutch are a folk of traders and businessmen, who always go for the cheap and can bargain like hell. and on the Freemarket you can see the Dutch on their best.

Huge profits were made on this day and terasses are full. Location is important for sales. In a big, central Dutch like Utrecht poor people are payed to claim and occupy certain sports for days and nights.

He held up hia Phone in the air to scan the place. Nothing unusual when someone entered a public place. Everybody was collecting data nowadays. All were filmed while filming or recorded while recording. And there were the big trans-national cooperations, securityfirms, the military, intelligencence and (local) government who gathered, sold and bought all the human data, where they could lay their hands on. 5G and RIFD-chips, who will be everywhere and in every human-handed object. A killing development, in many way.

Coen does not speak German or understands the language and people. Our visitors from the East don't speak English, Dutch or Frisian. “I have to proffessionalise, the Boss said.” Coen smiled. “I get German conservationlessons given by a local teacher. “Scheisse.Verdammter Scheisse!””. I smiled; “At least you talk some good Geman shit.”

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The United States of America is the first nation, that liberated itself from an Empire. Being the British Empire.

This is not true.

The first country, that liberated itself from an Empire were the “7 United Provinces” (the Netherlands), who gained their freedom from the Spanish Empire, after a war, that lasted for 80 years. It ended in 1648 with the birth of a glorious Republic.

dM, SiTU
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor DE REPUBLIEK DER NEDERLANDEN



"Anonymous: Expand Your Thinking."







All that see me, are attracted to me. All will miss me and mourn, when I am gone,the Master cited, while stretching his legs and holding his hands to the fire. It was quite dampy and wet in “the Library”, situated, on the wish of the Master, in the dungeons of the complex, who were hardly above sea-level.

I think you mean the sun.” Yvanka responded, “who is absent during the night. Only a vampire hates the sun. “Could be.”, the Master nodded. “But there are more intderpretations possible, that is the golden rule. A second interpretation focus' on the use of the word ME.

The statement could as well be a hymn to a God or Goddess, to illustrate the faculties and a feared disappearance.”

Yvanka and Roamy grabbed their notebooks. Being the only two present, it was essential to write down what he was saying, even though it was being recorded.

Both would take notes independently. The Master would use them to remember sessions like this. It was a technique called “Overshadowing”, when he made contact to the “Archaic Records” and other libraries. It resembled the Casey-technique of selfhypnosis. For the Master “overshadowing” was an educational tool. In a sort of trance, he, and other SiTU Masters, described distant worlds, strange artefacts, ancient Codexes, filosofies and religious dogma.

Starting with latter. Since the age of Jesus Christ religious wars were fought. The Jews fought the inhabitants of Galilea, Christian Constantinople fought Islamic “hordes”. The fight went on till the 15e century, when the city finally fell. The Templars fought a crusade against the Cathars, amongst other crusades in the East. The kingdom of Jerusalem fell and islam became the dominant factor. Jews and christians had to pay a special tax.

In that same periode the King and Queen of Spain, Roman-Catholic to the core, liberated the last Morish enclaves and deported the Spanish muslims to Marocco. The discovery of the America's let to genocide, with blessings of the church. Along comes the Reformation and the wars and slaughter between protestant and catholic citizens or countries and even coalitions. The second WW was a clash of ideology and religion. Jews, gypsies and homo-sexuals were non-humans and treated and extermined att will and on an industrial scale. Extremely important were the railways, they used for transport to the deathcamps.

It is 62 years ago, when it ended. But was not the “final war”, the war to make warfare impossible and not of this world.

It did not work.

Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria. Here the religious factor is essential. All against IS, islam. Christianity, Islam and Judaism, competing against eachother and fight and die for their

religious belief.

Nothing new under the sun.




What people lived on earth before humans appeared. They had supernatural powers, some went to the stars (Watchers, pre-Adamic)

Inca royal roads connectie cuzco, tiahuanaco, puma punku, and many more. older than the Inca, part of an ante-diluvian world

And then something went terribly wrong.

The pre-Adamic civilisations (Mu, Lemuria, Atlandis, High Brasil a.o.) disappeared and only stones and part of monuments or tunnelsystems remained. These remnants are only just recently recognised as such, followed by a worldwide wave of archeological findings, that produces more and more evidence, that the timeline we learned at school is a desperate attempt to keep us from realising, that our history is much longer, differentiated and surprising, than we can imagine. And we are on the brink of realising that!.

We have to take destiny in our own hands.

Start educating your SELF.


Keepers in a Japanese nature-reserve fed sweet-potatoes to the monkeys in the park. Kind a rude, they threw the monkey-delicasy on the beach. This meant eating sandy potatoes. Some monkeys washed the sweet-potatoes in the sea, most did not. Over time some more monkeys washed their food, but still most did not.

Then one sunny day a miracle happened. All the monkeys in the group started washing their food and kept doing so.

But the story does end there. Other groups of monkeys on mainland Japan stasrted using this technique. Washing food became an element of monkey-behavior.

This is the Monkey-Path.

We are the monkeys, who continiously search for a better world, for being a better person and improve our self.

This process you are in, and of which this blog is a part, cannot be stopped, but when the exact moment of revelation will be, I am not sure, but it will intense, global and fundamental. In the meantime I will feed you sweet potatoes. Wash them if you like.

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everything is under control

The Men in Black from the movies deal with aliens, the actual Men in Black deal with people.

When there is a threat of an informationleak, an ufo crash or an anomalous archeological find, these agents appear and perform damage-controle. An example? In the USA and Mexico skeletons of giant humans have been found; red-haired people over 7 feet tall. But there were others mummified finds on several locations (Grand Canyon). All the finds were collected by the Smithonian Institute and disappeared. The UFO-crash at Roswell was real. The vehicle was “shot down” and retrieved by special military or intelligence units. The latter doing damage-control after the Roswell Air Base, went public with UFO-explanation of the facts. The control, through hypnosis, exploitation of loyalty, threat or the promis of a carreer, was very effective. The UFO-crash changed into an experimental weatherballoon and crash-test dummies. The dummies were mention to explain the bodies. A fleeing survivor was shot.

A whole organisation was formed to debunk sightings or actual experiences with flying saucers and aliens. Their experts were responsible for a great number of hoaxes. Including the moonlanding. Stanley Kubrick admitted that, a few days before his death.

The actual ufo, it was not that damaged, was the start of several revolutions; in optics, fibers, chips and lasers. Developed by companies and universities, in secret, the outcome was implemented by the Army, Navy and Air Force. The Roswell ufo is directly responsible for the Stealth Bomber and the use of depleted uranium in rockets, bombs and other ammo. The US-government knew, but kept it hidden from the public by producing dark clouds of deceit. So says colonel Corso, intelligence-officer, who organised the re-engineerng of the spacecraft.

Even untill now, there is no real debate. The government, science and religion, though here views are changing, deny the existence and actual influence of ufo's, extra-terrestrial visitors or aliens. Excepting these variables in their worldview is a too big a step to make.


Because acceptance of aliens and other anomalous concepts as brain-tools, will expose the lie we live in.

This lie has a material component and a spiritual one. If there are other intelligent life-forms in our solar system or in the Milky Way, our antropology, theology, every aspect of life has to be re-formed, put upside down.

We compete with forces, we don't know or recognise. Still we keep on fighting. Better to contemplate and consider, what it would mean to you, if aliens, not human entities, exist and that the interaction of humans with interstellar or dimensional visitors goes a long way back. Even before the age the Pharaoh's ruled.

There are no reasons to believe that alien intelligence is benevolent and has the best in mind for us. It would be naief and probably desastrous to assume that.

The famous general Sun Tzu, wrote in his “The Art of War”, that you have to study your potential enemy to the point, that you know more about them, than about yourself.

So that is my advice: Study. Educate your Self. It is the road to enlightenment.

Have a nice day.

THE WAR WE LIVE IN: 'The Coming War on China' | A film by John Pilger (full)

Following the monkey-path


There is considerable evidence, that our Moon is hollow. During the moonlandings the astronauts left many things behind. The flags and the golfball, they lost. Also seismic equipment was installed, as was laser equipment. The latter made it possible to measure the exact distance to the Moon. By the way, the distance varies considerably.

The seismic apparatus were used twice, to measure the effects of NASA nuking the Moon. The moon “rang like a

bell”, an effect that lasted for hours. The Moon is also considerably lighter, that planet Earth. Signs, that the Moon is hollow.

Rocks found on the Moon were older, over a billion years, that the oldest stones, found on earth.

Is the Moon artificial?

Some say that the Moon was placed here by an intelligence, far beyond our comprehension. An holloed out renegade planet. The Moon is placed in a perfect, circular orbit and functions as a cosmic clock. The power of the Moon creates floods in oceans undrinkable to us, mammals or birds, except dolphins and whales. Our moon is the only not-spinning object in this solar system.

Why was it placed as a companion of earth. The conclusions vary: an observatory to control and guide us;

the source of a scientific experiment; genetic manipulation and extinction; a controle-tower that keeps us prisoner?

Anyway. It seems, that all the planets and their orbiting moons are hollow as well. Our whole solar system is a construct, a large, but disturbed entity.

Recently different kinds of strange manifestations were registered on the Moon's surfase. Duststorms and strange lights, but also artificial structures and even a 5-mile high tower.

Overseeing all, the next step will be:

Planet Earth and the Sun are hollow as well.




THE CARDS (continued)

I have been seperated from my personal cards and other ritualistic objects and artefacts. It was during my Asian travels, that I started collecting statues (wood, stone, bronze and ivory), especially Buddha-statues. In the end I had about 20, big and small.

To give an indication of my “social-dive” period. Of the original group there remains only one. The others I gave away for safekeeping or as a gift or they were stolen during my period of homelessness.

The sole survivor, a 2 feet-high, greenwooden statue of the Lord Buddha on a lotusflower.

First is was an ornament, but his powers (and the worship I invested) overtook me and I started talking with it. This is something nobody knows. Even less humans can hear them talk back.

Adoration and worship stick to statues and ritualistic artefacts. The ones that disappeared, among which an unique Buddha-statue out of Nepal, will remember and long for the days, when I turned my home into a temple, by burning candles and incence and playing the right music.

Even people walked, on purpose, by as a kind of pilgrimage. I was completely unaware of that effect. In my world I was the only human, capable of battling the Gods.

I offer my blessings to the Green Buddha on a daily basis. I offer flowers and we have develop a personal mantra. The Buddha likes that and makes him talkative, when approached correctly, opening a pool of wisdom.



New Testament

something to think about

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful

works of darkness,

but rather reprove them.

For it is a shame even to speak of those things,

which are done of them in secret.

But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is


The epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians

5: 11- 13


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our opponent seems to be supernaturally invincible

Everything, that has been hidden from mankind, will be revealed. The range is total and complete.

Are you ready for this “thought-experiment”?

6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

Revelation 14:6 King James Version (KJV)

If you are not ready yet, there is some time left before the “Apocalypse” will occur, and endfase seemingy, everybody is longing for. Literally it means the rising of the curtain and the start of the play and a complete paradigm-chance, for us humans. Shakespeare saw the world around him as a theatre, in which we were the players, while others wrote the script. The start will be unpredictable. Before that, a silence will be heard, filled with nervous sounds of anticipation. Some study the Holy Books trying to understand the prophets, the saints,the martyrs and the program, the manual and the script of the Book of Books and the way it is explained and used till our times, which many see as the Endtime with disastrous result for us and the planet. Trying

That student/spectator/anticipator could be you, following theMonkey path


33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

Matthew 24:33King James Version (KJV)

I advice this role. Not only will it enrich your life. It also enhances you changes for (spiritual) survival., while most people walk by it. A passer-by. After the Apocalypse, the play takes off. The main characters have been chosen, trained and will make a miraculous entrance, the extra's, doubles and stunt-men too. The Apocalypse will show us the sensational technology that was developed in the dark and used to make us dance, like a puppet-on-a-string. The script of this new, revolutionary, performance has been written a long time ago. Parts of it have disappeared or are kept hidden. These will reappear to complete the Biblical picture of the history and future of the human race.

8 Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.

Isaiah 66:8King James Version (KJV)

The Holy Bible is part of that Endtime script and it is literally encrypted on several layers of meaning and obtains references to forces and entities from, for us unknown or unaccessable realms.

The Bible we commonly used is not complete. Just fragments remain of something, that ressembles self-generating computersystem.

From the 4th century onwards, related gospels, apocalypses, letters and whole books have been left out, censored, criminalised and the translation into Latin was carefully orchestrated. For almost 2 milennia the Bible was the major spiritual guideline for the salvation of mankind. The apostles, following Jesus on his travels in his Holy Land, his followers and key-keepers grew into the billions worshippers and converts, the simple churches grew into cathedrals filled wirh gold and millions of devoted souls formed an Army of God; from simple monks and nuns, to cardinals, archbishops and the Pope. An Assembly whose colours regurularly fill Saint-Peters-square and colour it scarlet and red.

4 For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and without teraphim:

Hosea 3:4King James Version (KJV)

From the early start rulers and church-authorities new the importance of the Holy Book. To keep the masses ignorant, the religious rituals and communications were held in Latin, a “dead” language, nobody spoke in public and hardly any-one understood. The mass was performed by a priest, standing with his back to the flock.

The official Catholic church reacted furiously on Luther, when he translated the Bible into German. In England illegal translations circulated. The heroic authors were burned to death, when caught. After the breaking with Rome, the situation became completely different. Every king after Henry VIII ordered a bible-translation. The one payed for by King James is, still, the most popular.

22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Matthew 24:22King James Version (KJV)

The Bible is a work in progress. It even profesied the flow of information, that would engulf the Earth. We live in days like that. Archeological research and spectacular Bible-related discoveries broadened our mindframe and possible understanding. The discovery of the Dead-Sea scrolls and the library of Naq Hamadi in Egypt, shocked the world. Spectacular was the discovery of fragments of the Book of Enoch.


Travellers in Africa at the end of the 19th century, found out that the Book of Enoch, was still in use in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Enoch was named in the Bible, but not much was known about him. What made the Book of Enoch so special? The fact that it dated from before the Flood! Enoch was an ancestor of Noah.

12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

Zechariah 14:12King James Version (KJV)lence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God.

The book of Enoch was known and in use in Jesus' time, but willingly the Council of Nicea left it out. I think, the the descriptions of the Watchers, the fallen angels, who were cast out of heaven and there presence on Earth, were responsible. Enoch's stories and his travels to Heaven, were too controversial.

Who were these Watchers? They were the Elohim, the fallen angels, who taught us the secrets of agriculture, metallurgy, make up and fashion, writing and astronomical knowledge, that leads to a calendar and arithmetic. In Iraq, they were called the Annunaki. According to Sitchin, this meant: Those who from heaven came.

Azazel, the leader of the Fallen Ones, convinces Enoch to go to Heaven and visit God, to plee for mercy and a return of the Angels to Heaven.

2 For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.

Psalm 83King James Version (KJV)

Enoch did not die, he went with God. And he was not succesful in negotiating the fate of the Watchers, our teachers. God confirmed his sentence and their fate in his final reckoning. Bound in this world and awaiting eternal damnation in a lake of fire. I think that the Fallen Angels were very disappointed. But: “It is better to rule in Hell, then to serve in heaven.” About 200 angels made that vow on Mount Hermon in modern day Israel. I say, it are these 200+ that took our history in their hands.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Revelation 13:16King James Version (KJV)

God intervened, by means of the Flood, that destroyed a decadent society. The result of the intermingling of “Gods” and humans. This endfase are called “the days of Noah”, when giants and weird creatures roamed the planet, Men living in luxurious cities, with temples devoted to sex-magick, magicians and snake-charmers, male and female prostitues or unstoppable urge for jewelry and precious metals. Thinks like that. They totally ignored the signs, like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha.

A study of our Biblical past cannot do without Enoch. Or without Gnostic texts and ancient scrolls. Without modern explanations of the geography and the development of the first written languages. Modern science can also prove, that ancient artefacts were forgeries and texts propaganda-tales, like the legend of Massada.

The Bible is a work in progress, so should be the way you think about test it or the questions you are confronted. Doctrine and dogma are hindresses not a challenge.

Start with trying to understand Enoch and his pre-flood world, with which we are still connected and accessible to dark forces; spirits of reknown.


Master: “Of course God created Man and Woman, like he created sex-differences in animals, trees and plants. God is a creator of dualities. Heaven and Earth, Light and darkess and bulls and cows. Sexual procreation is the driving force of God's universe.

On this terrain, there are hardly any problems (except when we kill all the cows), except amongst people.

Did this has to do with Lilith, Adam's first wife, who refused to submit to his sexual differences. Lilith disappeared into mythology and Eve was born.

God already ruled over a race of androgynous entities, called the Angels. Their only task was to praise God. Some higher in rank, were called Archangels. The Bible and the Quran mentions some of them: Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer.

The latter was a perfect Angel, in the eyes of God. An Islamic story describes the fall of the Lightbearer. He refuses to bow for Adam and after heavy fighting, Lucifer, further called Satan, and supporting angels were thrown out of the heavenly realm. To land on Earth I suppose.

The Bible mentions 200 fallen angels, the Elohim (sons of God) landed on Mount Hebron. They fell in love with human women, who gave brth to offspring; the Nephilim. These were the giants, men of reknown, who began dominating this part of the world.

This culminated in the days of Noah and God decided to cleanse the planet with water. This is called the Great Flood. The plan failed, not all the giants, the Ephraim, drowned. When the Israelites' exodus came to an end and they entered the Holy Land, they found out that there lived giants in the land and they reigned over historical cities like Petra.

After an epic struggle, the Jewish tribes were succesfull and the giants were exterminated. All? I don't think so, just like after the Flood some giants survived and fled to the four corners of the Earth (Albion, Patagonia) or hid in caves and mountains of “Middle-Earth”.

With this I want to introduce a certain timeline and the acting forces in the last 15.000 years.

In Hebrew, the book in Genesis names “elohim” as creator, better creators, because this word plural and used in the male and female sense. The wandering tribes commited themselves to Jehovah Elohim. But he is NOT God, in the sense of allknowing and allpowerful. If such a God exists it is probably a renegade machine.

200 of the elohim (angels and archangels) came to earth and bound themselves by oath, to break God's rule and interfere with our planet. It were these fallen angels, who tought us agriculture, writing, the art of seduction with perfume and bodypaint. Mettalurgy and warfare were gifts of the Gods too.These Fallen Angels (Watchers) were banned from Heaven and the entrance was blocked.

These fallen ones lusted after the mortal women on Earth. They married many of them and produced off-spring, called the Nephilim. These were sometimes literal giants, but the offspring was alwso very intelligent and had special powers (healing, talking to animals, magical).

They dominated humans and even performed experiments of them and animals. In short, a lot of genetical experiments went on, witch resulted in centaurs, minotaurs, sphinxes, phoenixes, giants, cyclopses, flying horses and dinosaurs.

Heaven interfered. Like it interfered in Babylon.

The whole earth was flooded. The waters rose higher than the mountaintops, killing all life, except Noah, his wife, 3 sons with their wifes.

They were destined to re-populate the planet. Noah and his companions were of pure human stock and with DNA the Nephilim had not messed with. In the Ark “all” types of animals were gathered for the same purpose.

Of course, the gods and goddesses were disturbed, had to flee (to the Moon) or were covered in the tunnels, they hid. They cannot die, these are still angels, elohim and immortal.

The Nephilim were not. Over 4000.000 giants drowned in the Great Flood. But some survived, as did some bio-engineerd life-forms. In the years after the Flood, they were hunted down and killed, where-ever human “heroes” could find them. Fairy-tales and folklore, all over the world, contain these, related, tales.

Nowadays stories about giants and dragons, are considered fantasy, that is a treasure-shrine for directors and producers of fantasy-, occult-, horror- and sf-movies and videogames.

Still I am doubtfull. Humans over 7 feet tall are quite common. Volleyball and basketball cannot do without them. Some reach a heigth of 8 or 9 feet. And not only male, female as well. And the average height is rising, especially around here, North-West Europe.

Humans are growing taller and are living longer. But it will take quite some time, before giants will be born. Tall humans are no giants, in the literal sense. Giants appear from other dimensions, other worlds. If they, and all the other entities, gain access to this world; bizarre things will happen. Like, literally, living in a, deadly, fairy-tale.


History of the End of the World



Voor en tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog waren de Geallieerden en de Axis-machten gewikkeld in oorlog op de tekentafel. In deze strijd via technologisch innovatie en ontwikkeling. Met als doel met superieur materieel en wapens de oorlog te beslissen.

Nazi-Duitsland had, al voor de oorlog uitbrak, een voorsprong op dat terrein en het beschikte over duizenden wetenschappers, ingenieurs en technici, die wortelde in een traditie van Duits onderzoek en vakmatigheid. Behalve deze omvangrijke groep, beschikte Adolf Hitler over toegewijde specialisten als Werner von Braun, Oberth en Heisenberg. Deze laatste had een Nobelprijs in de fysica en werkte aan een Duitse atoombom.

Porsche e.a. Ontwikkelden superieure tanks en op Peenemunde ging 's werelds eerst kruis- en ballistische raket met succes de lucht in.

Waarom verloor Duitsland de oorlog?

De “Blitzkrieg” veranderde in een uitputtingsslag. Deze strijd kon Nazi-Duitsland niet winnen. Er ontstond een tekort aan grondstoffen, olie en mankracht; terwijl de Sovjet-Unie en de Verenigde Staten op die gebieden geen problemen hadden. Beide landen slaagden er in om een oorlogsindustrie op gang te brengen, die een continue stroom wapens, munitie, tanks, vliegtuigen, oorlogsbodems en vrachtwagens voortbracht.

Hiertegenover stelden de Duitse wetenschappers de ontwikkeling van de straalmotor en o.a. de ME-262, een straaljager, die superieur was aan de jachtvliegtuigen van de VS, Rusland en Engeland. Te laat zag Hitler het belang in “die Heimat” te verdedigen tegen de Engelse en Amerikaanse bommenwerpers. De Luftwaffe was niet in staat om de jager in voldoende aantallen te produceren. Ook ontbrak het in de laatste jaren aan voldoende gekwalificeerde piloten.

Al voor de capitulatie van het “duizendjarige Rijk”, gingen de Amerikanen, Engelsen en Russen op jacht naar de Duitse geleerden en ingenieurs.



Waarom Hitler de oorlog verloor

1. Duinkerken (1940)

Analyses van de oorlogsperiode (1939 – 1945) wijzen op kapitale fouten, die door de Nazis zijn gemaakt en (mede) geleid hebben tot een Duizendjarig Rijk, dat na 12 jaar instortte.

Als eerste militaire blunder, van de grootste orde, wordt beschouwd de omsingeling van de Britse en Franse troepen bij Duinkerken (1940). Zo'n 400.000 soldaten en materieel konden geen kant meer op en werden langzamerhand verpletterd.

Als opperbevelhebber moet Hitler ingestemd/bevolen hebben, dat de oprukkende Duitse troepen pas op de plaats moesten maken.

De Nazi-leider gaf hiermee zijn Engelse aartsrivaal Churchill om gedurende een tiental dagen 330.000 “battle-hardened troops” met veel kunst en vliegwerk naar Albion over te brengen. De propagandamachine maakte er een bijna-overwinning van. De oppermachtige Luftwaffe bleef aan de grond. Veel van de evacués werden als eerste op de Normandische stranden afgezet.

Een heel mysterieuze beslissing, omdat een totale overwinning binnen handbereik lag.

Een beslissing, die te vergelijken is, met de afwikkeling van de Japanse aanval op Pearl Harbor. Op de basis was de totale olie-reserve van de Amerikaanse “Pacific Fleet” opgeslagen. Een (3e) aanval op de olie-tanks van de Japanse luchtvloot, zou het voor de VS. onmogelijk maken, marine-schepen uit te doen varen. Geschat: zeker 2 jaar, waarschijnlijk langer. De Japanse opperbevelhebber besloot om direct na de tweede aanvalsgolf om te keren. De oorlog in de Pacific, net als die in Europa, had er heel anders uit kunnen zien.

Operation Dynamo

Langs de Belgische kust maken de laatste overlevende Dynamo-veteranen zich klaar om volgende zondag deel te nemen aan de 60ste (en laatste) grootschalige herdenking van Operatie Dynamo, waarbij eind mei 1940 een kwart miljoen geallieerde soldaten door een armada van "little ships" van de stranden rond Duinkerke werden geëvacueerd.  Een storm met windkracht 9 heeft er vandaag echter voor gezorgd dat een aantal kleine scheepjes reeds heeft afgehaakt.   Een twaalftal overlevende vissers die hebben deelgenomen aan de evacuatie maken zich in Heist, Zeebrugge, Blankenberge, Nieuwpoort en De Panne op voor de tocht naar Duinkerke waar ze zondagmorgen 4 juni om 11u samen met Franse en Britse veteranen en in aanwezigheid van Prins Charles zullen deelnemen aan een herdenkingsplechtigheid voor zij die tijdens de evacuatie gesneuveld zijn.  Onder de Heistse veteranen, de nu 84-jarige Theophiel De Groote, die in mei 1940, na de vlucht voor de oprukkende Duitsers, met zijn vaartuig H.42 "Pharaïlde", door de Britten werd aangeduid als leider van een evacuatiekonvooi van 8 Vlaamse vissersvaartuigen (H.42, H.41, H.23, Z.2, Z.48, N.53, N.58, en de O.210).  Op de heenweg naar Duinkerke kreeg de "Pharaïlde" ook nog een lading munitie aan boord voor het Frans leger. Vervolgens slaagden de Heistse, Zeebrugse, Oostendse en Nieuwpoortse vissersvaartuigen er in meer dan 5.000 soldaten van het Britse expeditieleger in veiligheid te brengen.  De "Pharaïlde" redde 39 Franse soldaten van het strand en vervolgens ook nog 86 Franse soldaten uit het water en drie Britse bemanningsleden.  Samen dus 128 mensen.  De O.86 "Eduard", een groot vaartuig, dat in een andere groep opereerde, redde niet minder dan 1.500 soldaten. Door de 802 "little ships" samen werden destijds 224.585 Britse en 112.546 Belgische en Franse troepen gered. Vandaag moesten de "little ships" in Dover aankomen om dan op 1 juni de oversteek te maken naar Duinkerke.  Vanwege de zware storm in het Kanaal waren deze namiddag nog maar 4 scheepjes in de Britse haven gearriveerd.  Twintig bootjes hebben de voorbije uren afgezegd.  Anderen schuilen in haventjes langs de Britse zuidkust en in de monding van de Theems.  De organisatoren verwachten toch met zo'n 50-tal scheepjes de oversteek te kunnen maken. Het vertrek is om 7.30u plaatselijke tijd op donderdag 1 juni uit het Granville Dock in Dover onder begeleiding van het nieuwe geluidloze fregat HMS Somerset.  Het zal sommige scheepjes bijna een dag kosten om de overtocht te maken.  In Duinkerke zullen ze in het Bassin du Commerce afmeren.  Dame Vera Lynn had deze namiddag forse kritiek aan het adres van de Heritage Lottery Fund omdat geweigerd wordt om een bedrag van 45 miljoen frank uit te trekken voor de bouw van een blijvend monument ter nagedachtenis van veteranen die het mirakel van Duinkerke hebben mogelijk gemaakt. De herdenkingsplechtigheden in Duinkerke zullen door de BBC TV live worden uitgezonden.  Na deze 60e herdenking verwacht men dat de meeste veteranenorganisaties zichzelf zullen opheffen, omdat er nog maar zo weinig overlevenden zijn. 

THE HOLY SCRIPTURES (the Book of Books)


Matthew 24:2King James Version (KJV)

2 And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

It is written in the Bible: Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling, influencing the whole planet and beyond. Already the next intifada, uprising of the Palestinians, is on hand. Regular confrontations between the opposing parties are on the rise. Many riots enfold up and the Temple Mount.

Here once, the beautiful temple of King Solomon stood, the religious centre of the Jewish Faith. He built it with the help of demons, he magically controlled, who laid the foundaintions in one, single nigt. As least, that is what ancient texts, Jewish, Christian and Islamic tell us.

Solomon constructed the religious complex to house the most holy Jewish artefact: the Arc of the Covenant.

In the course of history we can determine a cycle of building, looting, destruction and rebuilding of this Holy place. 5 years after Solomons death (around 950 bc) Jerusalem and the Temple was looted by an Egyptian pharaoh. In 586 bc. Babylonian ruler Nebukadnezar conquered the Holy land, stormed Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple. Many Jews went into exile and returned after 70 years to rebuild the city. Cyrus the Great, the conqueror of Babylon, gave this permission.

Herod, the Roman governor of Kanaan, is known for rebuilding the Temple and made Jerusalem the centre of Jewish worship. In the course of history the Arc of the Covenant had disappeared. The room, where is once stood, remained empty. This is the Temple, where Jesus and his disciples walked.

A Roman general was quite surprised, when in the year 70 ad. the legions broke through the city walls and smashed the Jewish uprising, to find an empty room. He had expected treasure; gold and jewels.

Again the Holy Temple was destroyed. The Romans left no stone upon anther. In the process and in the coming centuries the remnants disappeared and the exact location was lost.

When the conquering Muslim-forces entered the Holy City, the Temple had gone.

Around 800 ad. the Islamic rulers build a Dome on the Temple Mount. This is famous Dome of the Rock, which is of ernormous importance to the followers of Mohammed.

It is not the Dome that is the reason for this, it is the Rock.

According to Muslim tradition it was from this rock that the Prophet departed from for a trip into heaven. But there is more. Here Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, Adam and Eve walked here and on this place God gathered the dust to create mankind.

This Rock the navle of Earth, the centre of monotheism: Jewish, Islam and Christian.

The orthodox-Jews want to rebuild the Temple. According to classical views, the 3rd. For this the Dome of Rock has to go.

They don't realise, that this does change anything. Destroying or moving the Dome will just be another case of cultural barbarism. When the Dome is gone, which was build by christian Byzantine masons, the Stone will still be there. Nothing has changed exept the start of another bitter intifada, will explode.

There is a second, smaller Dome, on the Temple Mount. It marks the place, where once the Arc of the Covenant stood. An object still searched after. A Holy object like this may have the tendency to disappear for a while, to be discovered at a divine moment to fulfill its purpose. Believers are waiting anxiously because we are living in the End of Days. The discovery of the Arc is near. This miracle fulfills ancient prohesy.

With it Solomons 3rd Temple will be complete, at last.



"Anonymous: What The Elite Don't Want You To Know."

Following the Monkey-Path

Defenders of the Al-Aqsa Mosk

You can tell many tales about Jahweh; but when he starts something, he will finish it. One way or another. Not like Zeus, who throws rocks at us, completely at random or those Eastern guys, who visited the child-Messiah and found it by manipulating the stars in the firmament, all the way from Babylon, an empire in decay.

Jaweh is quite straight-forward. The Torah could have ended with the 10 commandmends. These tools for social conduct are enough for a civilization, that just got started. The people from the Exodus, (multi-racial) did not even have a homeland.

The meeting with Jahweh at Mount Sinai, resulted in a Covenant. In return for living a life according to the commandments, these proto-Israelites would be lead to the promised land, Kanaan (greater Israel) and by means of a super-weapon hidden in the Arc, they would destroy and alienate the people and tribes, that lived. Jahweh kept his promise, even though the Jews were deported several times. In 1948 the state of Israel was declared independent by means of a UN-declaration.

This was possible, because Palestine, part of the exploded Ottoman Empire, was a British protectorate.

A kind of Palestinian state was formed as well, though it was not well organised. Even though Israel is under constant attack, as a state it functions and prospers.

So Jahweh kept his promise.

The important question: DID WE KEEP OUR PART OF THE BARGAIN?” Did we build our future on the 10 commandments. If not, we know what will happen. He wrote a whole book about it, called the Holy Bible.
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