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SiTU Museum of Mysteries
The Merneptah Stela
The Merneptah Stele—also known as the Israel Stele or Victory Stele of Merneptah—is an inscription by the Ancient Egyptian king Merneptah (reign: 1213 to 1203 BC) discovered by Flinders Petrie in 1896 at Thebes, and now housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.[1][2] The text is largely an account of Merneptah's victory over the Libyans and their allies, but the last 3 of the 28 lines deal with a separate campaign in Canaan, then part of Egypt's imperial possessions.
While alternative translations have been put forward, the majority of biblical archeologists translate a set of hieroglyphs on Line 27 as "Israel", such that it represents the first documented instance of the name Israel in the historical record,[2] and the only mention in Ancient Egypt.[3] As a result, some consider the stele to be Flinders Petrie's most famous discovery,[4] an opinion with which Petrie himself concurred.[5]


Debunking or marginalizing the opinions of your competitors and opponents is often presented as scientific research. In Biblical archeology and research the competition is fierce and the battleground is limited and big parts of the Holy land are restricted. Archeological diggings are forbidden in and around the so-called “Temple mound” in Jerusalem. It could trigger the next “intifada”. Why? Because on the Templemound stands “the Dome of the Rock”, that was build in the 7th century by the Islamic conquerors of the Holy City. The open structure protects “The Rock”. The place where God created the world, Abraham almost sacrificed his son and from which Mohammed departed for a visit to Heaven. Third holiest place of Islam! Are the Palestinians paranoid? I don't think so. They know, that the Jews want to build a Third Temple. Jerusalem is a hotspot, also for the Muslims. Jerusalem will become the capital of the (soon to come) 12th Imam.

Archeological research and proof is very important for Christians and Jews. Not only to strengthen their faith, but als for (geo-)political reasons. In recent years a number of important archeological finds have been debunked as frauds. A ossuary of Jesus or an inscription, with a reference to “Salomon's Temple”, were carefully manufactured and politically motivated scams, who were often already accepted as important evidence. Sceptics state that there is no such thing as archeological and historical biblical evidence, everything is a fraud. They don't form the mainstream and don't get any funding; certainly when they say, that around the year 1200 – 1000 BC, the time of David and the building of the Temple of Solomon, Jerusalem was a tiny village, a couple of acres big, and that there were no signs of palaces and a big Temple (the one the orthodox Jews want to rebuild and the trucks are loaded with rocks and mortar, the Temple attributes are ready, Levites trained etc.). If there ever was a Temple, it was not that very big,it must be possible, I think, to find a place on the Mount, next to the Dome.

But there are other ways to descredit you opponents as Biblical fools. And that is by studying the scripture! Many scientists, from all kind of denominations, studied and study the Bible. Some claim, that the Bible is inspired by God and therefore true and should be taken by the letter. The Bible (Old and New Testament)is the dominating document in that timeframe (1200 BC – 100 ad), with a lot of references to historical figures (Nebudkadnezar, Cyrus the Great and Herod), cities(Babylon, Bethlehem, Damascus) and countries (Rome, Egypt). The 4 gospels describe the birth, life and death of Jesus, the Messiah and son of God. In recent years the number of, unofficial gospels, has exploded, due to “Death Sea scrolls”, the “Nag Hamady-library” and other finds. Next to Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, the gospels of Thomas, Peter, Judas, Simon and Mary Magdalene are available. How the Bible is composed and on which criteria, is still a mystery. The first complete New Testament dates from around 400 AD and was found in a Balkan monastery. The Bible is a product of a society without a printing press. Every gospel had to be copied, by hand. And because scribes or monks are people, they make mistakes (which are being copied etc.)

Bart Ehrman, an American professor, estimates, that, some 6 to 7000 manuscripts, have been discovered. The oldest one dated from the second half of the first century, to the elaborate medieval codexes. Many errors have been found. Many are not substantial, but some are. Mark's gospel f.i. was extended with some twelve lines, at the end of this book. Except through copying the Holy Bible, differences are due to translation. The Bible was written in Greek, translated into Latin and finally in all current languages. Indirectly Bart Ehrman proves the superiority of the Torah (Old Testament) over the New Testament. The Torah (as is the Qu'ran) has not changed over the centuries. A select and well-trained group of scribes carefully copied Gods word and there were several tests, to see if there are errors been made. If so, the scroll is burned. This is still common practice among Jews. Compared to this tradition, the New Testament is product of endless copying and translating, which might even have contaminated the message of Jesus.

Dr. Knolh had studied the period of the Roman occupation of Israel. Focussing on Jesus, he concludes, that the Messiah is one of several Jewish rebels, revered by his followers and fighting the Roman occupation. He suggest Jesus to be a copycat, who planned his own execution, to fit historic predesessors, who were supposed to be the expected Messiah.

According to the Jews, Jesus was not the Messiah. They await the real Messiah to come, but they have to rebuild Salomon's Temple first and start the necessary offerings. Knolh is a Jew. He turns Jesus into one of several Jewish rebels.

In a way, it is a battle of ghosts. Jezus was not a historic figure, but a spiritual messenger. The Temple, necessary for the return of the real Jewish Messiah, never existed and did not function as described in the Old and New Testament. Archeologically, there is no proof of its existence, as there is no historical evidence of king David,the wise king Salomon and Israel's holiest artefact “The Arc of the Covenant”.

SOMEthing to THINK about

maitreya predictions

Master: “The truth is never your own.”

Student: “Master, is it because the truth must be shared?”

Master: “No, because the truth does not exist. At least not on this level of reality.”

Student: “Master, do we live in a lie?”

Master: “If you mean, that you are manipulated and disinformed. You are right. Your actions are programmed and activated, even before birth.”

SiTU MONKEY MEMO: daily update
The Mayan Underworld (Shibalba) has been recently discovered on the Yukatan-peninsula (Mexico).
Strangely enough this dark place was not discovered by digging but by diving!
In total 14 interconnected and multi-level caves were discovered. The explorers found temple-ornaments, pottery, offerings and human skeletons. A sensational find and completely fitting the indigenous tales about the entrance to Shibalba, the Mayan “hell”.
Accept the underwater part.
Ancient Aliens” goes for a simple explanation. Mayans were devout people, who could hold their breath very long. This made it possible to carve the stone statues and build the templestructures underwater.

The directors of the episode “Forbidden Caves” forgot the changes in sea- and sweetwater levels.
The cave-findings were dated to be, at least, 1000 years old.
In that same period coastal parts and islands of the Netherlands were flooded, villages had to be abandoned and disappeared into the sea and a hugh inland sea (Zuiderzee) was formed.
All caused by the rise of sea-levels in the period from 1000 – 1400 ad.
My conclusion. The Mayan Underworld was “easily” accessible for a long period of time. A centre of worship and rituals for a culture obsessed by blood.
Blood, that was washed away, by the incoming flood. Who also flooded the shrines and underground-temples of Shibalba.

SOMEthing to THINK about

How serious does the government, police, the military, religion and science, take individual and collective observations of what individuals thought to have experienced and witnessed.

Very much I would think. Scientists we trust, when they report their data and conclusions, based on controlled observations and experiments. The police are dependend on the observations of and data of others and we accept it as concrete evidence. Religion accepts individuals prophesying in trance, possession and dreams.

There is and was massive fraud, f.i. the Dutch psychologist Huub S. or a major university, that manipulated data to please politics and sponsors.

Still we accept scientifically information as to be true and build our future on the results (Global Warming).

Ufo-sightings, observations and video-evidence are something completely different, In this field observations, data and experiences of citizins are explained away (ptsd, balloons, swampgas, weatherphenomena, secret military aircraft) and massive disclosure by scientists, astronauts, ufologists and military personel, has no effect on the policy of the world(super-)powers or on mainstream opinions about ufo's and extraterrestrial contacts.

Ufo's exist only in the imigination of a misled and desinformed part of the Earthly population.

May individual sightings, who are often filmed or photographed, be easily disregarded as evidence,

Collective sightings of flying objects in the sky are quite common and seen sometimes by thousands of people. Masshalucinations or atmospheric oddities worldwide?

There have been observations of groups, who experienced an alien encouter. In a Russian town and near two schools (one in Zimbabwe and one in Australia), ufos landed and aliens got out. Children said that they heard telepathic messages, that frightened them. After a short stay, the entities went back to their spacecraft and left.

It should not surprise you, that these “world-shaking” cases are minimalised and degraded to being juist a crazy event. Research on the Australian case showed, that reports and footage were missing and witnesses intimidated. Everybody acted as if nothing had happened. This was about 40 years after the visit of alien beings. An event, with hundreds of eyewitnesses, was carefully and deliberately massaged away.

History of the End of the World



Jian, the crazy monk, SiTU

first trip (Kether). A book of Truth


She opened her mouth, moved her tongue and said:

The Earth quakes and the Heavens rattle; the beasts of nature gather, while men drifts apart; volcanoes usher up heat while elsewhere ice melts. And then on other days it just rains. Indeed many things come to pass.”

She waited a moment and watched the group of chanting priests, sjamans, witches and other representative of Gaia, the Mother Earthgoddes.

They are all waiting for me.”, she thought, “They need my powers to open the Gate.”

It was as if the participants in this ancient ritual sensed her thoughts and the sounds, movement and manifestations of thoughtforms intensified and filled the collective aura.

Slowly she rose and showed her formidable length and living hair. When she opened her arms to embrace them all, the chaotic scenery felt silent. Nothing moved.

Let the ritual begin.”, it were the first words she spoke in ages.

It was in 2014/2015 when the North-Koreans started a major project to immanentise the Eschaton. Never before were the Great Powers driven towards planetary annihilinisation, comparable only to the Cuban crisis in the Cold War-period. All because of a tiny rock in the Japanese Sea, which was claimed and renamed Yin by China. Japans forces were on highest alert. When finally emotions calmed down to the levels of secret operations and local warfare and rebellion, nobody realised the point of no return had passed. The long planned extinction of the human race had begun. Indeed many things do come to pass.

I am totally aware of the fact, that the ritual had begun. But in fact, I do not know who I am, where I am and why I am here in the first place. I am watching a group of sparrows on a neighbouring roof. By means of an intense feedingcampaig, the flock now counts about 100 birds.

This planet is a strange place. Primitive instincts, high technology and an agressive attitude against change and development.

In the meantime, in the Yucatan rainforest, the eyes of a giant Maya-statue, representing Tlaloc, the raingod, began to weep and soon the monsoonrain started to pour; never to stop. Nobody saw and understood this, but Laura, a Dutch tourist, who suddenly realised, that “the End of the World” had begun. Destruction by water, yet again and the rise of Atlantis afterwards.

So I told you about the sparrows and the “End of our World”. In the meantime I am lookingt out of the window and see endless row of vehicles moving around. The local people I met so far are extremely good at one thing: denying the evidence of their own senses.

Lost and found

I lost you,

with my eyes wide open.

On that beach I died for you,

Maya-poison on my brain.

I lost you in that eternal night.

When giant crows and ravens

kill the dying.

Eat you said.

And I did.


'Mighty Message To Youth In Europe And North America' [Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi @ PressTV] [Video]


Let the music guide you

The Bible, including some other documents, is an enormous complicated machine/manual. It has hypnotizing and obsessive effects and embeds a complicated war-manual, culminating in moment of ethic cleansing. The Bible contains historical propaganda, pagan traditions and The Law.
In this documentary several attempts are made to "explain" this extra-ordinary influential, "Book of Books".

PBS Nova: The Bible's Buried Secrets


The Electric Comet     

The Electric Comet
The third episode of the Symbols of an Alien Sky series, Electric Comet investigates the science of comets with a focus on the electrical behavior of the sun in comet creation, and the greater cosmic implications of these findings. Through the use of motion graphics, stock space photography, and a moody instrumental score the filmmakers dramatize their study, contrasting existing long-held views of comet science against the more recent electrical theory.
While standard scientific belief to date has supported a "dirty snowball" hypothesis that comets are made primarily of water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and primordial dust originating from solar dust known as the Oort Cloud, the bulk of the film makes the case for new evidence supporting an electric model of comets.

Friese visstropers in vangnet politie

Honderdvijftig kilo snoekbaars, snoek en witvis. Met die buit werden in de nacht van zaterdag op zondag bij het Friese dorp Terkaple twee mannen aangehouden op verdenking van visstroperij.
De politie zegt dat ze het duo van twintig jaar oud op heterdaad betrapte, toen ze bij hun auto aankwamen. De twee waren daarvoor met een boot het water van de Terkaplesterpoelen opgevaren.
De politie nam de vis, de netten, de auto en de boot in beslag. De verdachten, afkomstig uit Sneek, werden opgesloten op het politiebureau.

Netanyahu: ik zal overal waarschuwen voor Iran

De Israƫlische premier Benjamin Netanyahu zal naar elk land reizen waar hij welkom is om mensen te waarschuwen voor het Iraanse atoomprogramma. Dat zei de premier zondag. Netanyahu haalde zich afgelopen week de woede van het Witte Huis op de hals door een uitnodiging van de Republikeinen in het Congres te aanvaarden, zonder de Amerikaanse regering eerst op de hoogte te stellen.
Het Witte Huis heeft de uitnodiging aan Netanyahu, en diens aanvaarding, een schending van de ongeschreven diplomatieke regels genoemd. Netanyahu komt begin maart naar Washington en de regering heeft aangegeven hem niet te zullen ontvangen. De Republikeinen en Netanyahu willen meer sancties instellen tegen Iran, maar president Barack Obama wil de onderhandelingen tussen Teheran en het Westen over het Iraanse atoomprogramma een kans geven. Nieuwe sancties zouden die gesprekken ondermijnen, zo redeneert het Witte Huis.


Tientallen doden bij gevechten Filipijnen

Zeker dertig mensen zijn zondag om het leven gekomen bij zware gevechten tussen moslimrebellen en de politie op de Filipijnen, melden leger en lokale autoriteiten. Daarmee is een eind gekomen aan een vorig jaar gesloten vredesverdrag en een wapenstilstand van drie jaar.
Bij de gevechten, die meer dan 12 uur duurden, kwamen vooral agenten om het leven. De gevechten begonnen toen de politie een inval deed in een moslimdorp. Ze waren op zoek naar een Maleisische bomexpert die wordt gezocht door de Verenigde Staten. In het dorp waren rebellen actief.
De grootste groep moslimrebellen in het zuiden van de Filipijnen, het Moro Nationale Bevrijdingsfront (MNLF), ging vorig jaar akkoord toen het meer autonomie van de overheid kreeg. Daarmee werd een 45-jarig durend conflict beƫindigd. De overheid is nu in gesprek met de MNFL om verdere escalatie te voorkomen.

zondag 25 januari 2015


Syriza behaalt net geen absolute meerderheid

Alexis Tsipras. © epa

Griekenland heeft zich zondag uitgesproken tegen het strenge bezuinigingsbeleid. De links-radicale partij Syriza werd zondag de grootste tijdens de verkiezingen, maar haalde nipt geen absolute meerderheid in het Griekse parlement. De partij komt twee zetels te kort.

© ap
© ap

Met bijna 95 procent van de stemmen geteld, had de partij van Alexis Tsipras in de nacht van zondag op maandag ruim 36 procent van de stemmen gehaald. Dat is goed voor in elk geval 149 zetels en misschien 150. Om alleen te kunnen regeren, waren 151 zetels nodig.

De hele avond spande het erom of Syriza een absolute meerderheid zou halen. De leider van Syriza heeft nu drie dagen de tijd een nieuwe regering te vormen.


Obama defends US strategy in Yemen

President Barack Obama on Sunday defended his administration's drone-based counterterrorism strategy against al Qaeda militants in Yemen, saying the alternative would be to deploy U.S. troops, which was not sustainable.

Egypt: 15 killed in clashes between Islamists, police

CAIRO: Anti-government protesters fought street battles with police in Cairo and other cities on Sunday, the fourth anniversary of the country's 2011 uprising, as clashes left at least 15 people dead and dozens injured. Another two people died when an explosive device they were planting under a high-voltage tower in the Nile Delta exploded prematurely, according to security officials.

Most of the deaths took place in Cairo's eastern Matariyah district — an Islamist stronghold where police used tear gas and birdshots to disperse supporters of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group armed with firebombs and rocks. At least nine protesters and one police conscript were killed in the clashes there, the officials said.

Earth's Last Mass Extinction
the WHITE HOUSE of the
Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia


Krishna's Butter Ball
Laura Eisenhower's Mars Recruitment Story Confirmed by Satellite Photos,CNN,TIME
BEWARE, THE PALE HORSE: Disneyland measles outbreak puts US on alert

The big cats are back, now clear their corridors

The big cats are back, now clear their corridors
The population of tigers has increased in India from 1,706 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014.

NEW DELHI: Indian tigers have come roaring back to life from the crisis of 2006, when just 1,411 were found to be left in the wild.

Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar's announcement that the 2014 tiger census showed a 30% increase in the big cat's numbers in four years has been greeted as a success of India's conservation efforts since that shock.

The turnaround, indeed, is impressive. But in the flush of excitement over the tiger numbers, another important report released by the minister that day went largely unnoticed. That study — "Connecting Tiger Populations for Long-Term Conservation" — is a first-of-its-kind report identifying India's vanishing forest corridors.



And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and

death shall flee from them.

Revelation: 9.6
Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering  

Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering
Most people would likely agree that corruption exists in multiple areas of our lives, and the documentary film Second Opinion shows how the medical field and government agencies that are supposed proponents of the health of American citizens are not immune to such corruption. The films' mission is to once again uncover a cover up of a natural "drug" that has not only been proven effective in slowing the growth of cancerous tumors, but is also cheap and virtually unpatentable; the latter being the implied and suggested reasoning behind the cover up.
Laetrile is a substance that remains illegal in the United States today although it is currently being clinically tested internationally in countries including Germany, repeatedly tested positive over the years in tests with lab rats as an affective method of slowing and even temporarily stopping the growth of cancerous tumors. Laetrile is derived from the pit of apricots, and while outlawed it is not harmful.


let the music guide you